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Neighbours’ Day is back !

We're finally here: Neighbours' Day is back on 26 May and is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

This year, Neighbours' Day is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Belgium! It is with great pride that we can say that two decades ago, this annual gathering lit up our neighbourhoods in May.

20 years of existence means 20 years of sharing! Since its creation, many Neighbours' Days have been celebrated, and many themes have been put forward, with the common objective of bringing neighbours together in good humour and conviviality. Over the years, Neighbours' Day has shown the importance of exchange and sharing, values that bring us together and unite us, even in the most complicated times. On the occasion of this anniversary, we would like to revive the nostalgia of past Neighbours' Days, by reminding the general public of what Neighbours' Day was, and how it has evolved over time to become the essential event that it has become today, promoting essential human values such as conviviality and solidarity.

If you have just discovered it, Neighbours' Day is the perfect opportunity for those who want to make their neighbourhood live differently for a day of freedom, conviviality and good food!

Neighbours' Day is obviously for everyone, but also for everyone! Discover our tips for a successful party! We look forward to meeting you for a drink!

The history of the Neighbours' Day...

In 1999, Atanase Périfan and the “Paris d’amis” Association launched the “Immeubles en Fête” activity in France. Its slogan: Pas de quartier pour l’indifférence [No place for apathy]!

Its aim: to strengthen neighbourhood ties, develop a feeling of belonging to the same neighbourhood, create closeness among neighbours, and counteract isolation and exclusion.

In 2003, the first edition of “Immeubles en Fête” was launched in the Brussels Region in the framework of European Neighbours’ Day. Success was imminent; over 10.000 Brussels’ residents took part in the activity. The next year, thanks to the support of numerous participants who sponsored the activity, the second edition was extended to the national level, involving all Belgians.

Over the years we have built up a solid communication network that allows us to spread information to the largest number of people. Also, a network of people who commit themselves every year to making this day possible in their neighbourhoods and motivating more and more people to join the event.

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