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News 30 November 2018

Neighbours’ Day goes green!

This year, Neighbours’ Day goes green! And around a common goal with the federal campaign #BeBiodiversity: the respect of our most beautiful neighbour to all, biodiversity.

Why ? Our neighbourhood is much larger and richer than we think. In cities and in the countryside, we are closely linked to near and far ecosystems. Taking care of the biodiversity that surrounds us and of which we are part is our responsibility to all: neighbours, citizens, but also companies and public authorities.

While waiting to party together in May 2019, we will share with you many tips, information and even contests around biodiversity through several themes directly related to the Neighbours’ Day.
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Learn more about biodiversity and find many tips on

Welcome aboard and see you soon!
“All together for a Neighbours’ Day respectful of biodiversity! “

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